FameDollars v2.0 Cash Program

Competitive Payout — Start making money now!

Get $35 for each Full Sale or Trial

Take advantage of our high converting brand names and exclusive content that generates sales like never before. You get paid a one-time, non-recurring $35 for each sale including trials and we consolidate payouts for multiple accounts.

Get up to 50% RevShare

Build a solid & steady income by using the 50% revshare program. Get paid 50% for every initial memberships sales and following rebills for the lifetime of the memberships. As you might already noticed, retention is always better when you promote big pornstar names, studios that surfers recognize and exclusive content updated on a daily basis. Brand-names convert, brand-names retains! No console or pop-ups on your hard earned traffic!

Get up to 10% Referal

Promote Fame Dollars and get paid 10% of every sale made by webmasters you referred to us for the lifetime of their payouts. Because our high converting brand names are hard at work for every webmasters promoting our sites, you can expect more than you ever got with any other webmaster referral program.

Exclusive Content — From Greatest Studios and Performers

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote high quality content from the most renowned brand-names. In marketing, branding is probably one of the main key to success along with the quality of product offered. Surfers already know these brand-names and will most certainly always keep an eye open for any new content emerging from them knowing that they will always get top notch content.

Get tons of fresh & exclusive content every week from our partners' studios; your traffic will never run out of our fresh stuff!

Detailed Stats

Get refresh updates every 15 minutes. View traffic by site or by date and create different campaigns to track. View detailed payment history as well as create groupings of all your accounts with FameDollars without affecting your payout.

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Console-Free Tools

Be confident that your hard earned traffic has no console or pop-ups!

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Innovative Promo Tools

Our team has developed innovative tools that meet today's standard to help you maximize your profit. Select from our broad range of banners and mailers that best suit your traffic and see how their great design and catchy sales pitch can work for you. As always, you will benefit from the solid brand-names and reputation earned over the years by our partners.

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Support Team

We gainfully try to recruit as many affiliates as possible, but preserving the current ones is also a top priority. Hence, we have a dedicated support team to offer different types of incentives for retention.

Personalized Affiliate Support

The Affiliate Manager acts as your support and as a consultant. They respond to custom requests and questions as expeditiously as possible. They can even provide their expertise on how to increase your traffic should the need arise. So, don’t be shy and hit them up!

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